Four little Pigs at the Farm

Once upon a time, there were four little pigs …….. and our new four little weaner pigs arrived last Thursday. Luckily their house is not made of straw, as it would have definitely been blown away by Storm Dennis!

On arrival they were very nervous, running straight to the far end of their enclosure and hiding in the long grass. Having only recently left their mum this was a lot to deal with! However, a week on and they are settling well. Totally at home in their new surroundings and getting bolder every day. They are now familiar with the sound of us entering their enclosure and come running to see what food we have brought them and if they can get a good scratch on the back.

Pigs asleep in house
Four little pigs asleep

The group of four British Saddleback pigs is made up of two brothers and two sisters. As a breed Saddlebacks are suited to outdoor living and docile in nature making them perfect for the farm visitors. It’s wonderful to see them playing together and they are the highlight of the daily walkabout we do with the families on the farm.